Review: Boese Brothers Brewery

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Review: Boese Brothers Brewery

We did not want to sit at Marble Brewery (even though it was awesome) the entire night, so since I was the tour guide, I figured that I would take my crew to the Red Door Brewing…right off of Central Avenue.  I wanted to take them there because I visited the night before and it was a good time.  There was trivia, awesome bartenders, and a guy from ‘Cornivore‘, selling kettle corn.

On this night, the mood of Red Door had changed.  As we approached place, it was dark and appeared closed.  We had to stick our heads inside to see if it was open. Once inside, we passed the first table where a guy (who turned out to be the emcee for Open Mic Night), a woman, and another guy were sitting.  They were eating Chinese food and seemed reserved.  It felt like a library.  We ordered beers and settled in.

There was no food offered, so we ordered pizza from a local joint.  As we waited, I asked the guy what was happening and he said that Comic Open Mic Night would be starting soon…in my mind, I thought it would be awesome.  Nope.  We had a few people laughing and having a good time during the five minute comic routines, and I guess it was too much for the ‘Chinese food eating guy’ (no disrespect, I just did not catch his name).  Apparently, when I went to the restroom, he told my coworkers that if they did not keep it down, they could leave.  WTF?

Well, everyone decided to leave because you cannot and should not suppress the audiences’ expression at a Comic Open Mic Night.  I walked out of the restroom, everyone was gone and the ‘Chinese food eating guy’ emcee started to heckle me.  For anyone that knows me, I do not take crap from anyone, so I asked for the mic.  He would not give it to me.  I paid my tab, paid for the pizza, and left Red Door.

Feeling embarrassed because I had taken my coworkers there, I volunteered to find a new spot.  I settled on Boese Brothers Brewery.


Score! This place was so chill.  First off, there were not too many people in the brewery, and they allowed us to bring in the pizza that was delivered to Red Door.


The brewery had rings, foosball, and shuffleboard…all of which left us busy.


They also had some merchandise for sale.


Final Word

I am glad that we found Boese Brothers Brewery.  I would have hated for my coworkers to experience the disrespect at Red Door and that be their lasting impression of Albuquerque.  Maybe the guy was having a bad night or maybe he did not like ‘outsiders’ there for Comic Open Mic Night, either way he was in the wrong.


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