My 8 Travel Must Haves 2018

Traveling can be a stressful time. Whether it is getting time off work, parking, or being seated next to a personal space invader. I have some things that reduce my stress and allow me to travel more efficiently.

  1. Carry on suitcase

I used to carry a bulky, over packed suitcase when I was a novice traveler. As I traveled more, I realized that I spent a lot of time waiting at baggage claim for my luggage. That wasted time is almost nonexistent now. It does not matter if I am going to Boston for a few days or Japan for a week, I try to put everything in my carry on.

  1. Change of clothes

A change of clothes is essential for numerous reasons. More specifically, is you spill chocolate cheesecake on your pants, you can change them in the onboard lavatory. A change of clothes could benefit you on a long flight to Australia/New Zealand. Who doesn’t want to arrive fresh after a 14 hour flight?

Overlooking Queenstown New Zealand
  1. Camera

A camera (no, not my iPhone camera) has recently become a significant part of my travel repertoire. I use my Sony A6000 to document all of my adventures. There are times when I forget the name of a dish or what floor my room was on, I easily check the camera to find that information.

Sony Lens

  1. Laptop

I bring my laptop along to keep up with my regular job and to update my blog as needed. I also use it to download pictures as I take them to help keep me better organized. There are other times that I use it for Netflix, but there are other options for that.

  1. Two forms of identification

Bringing two forms of identification is essential. I have been guilty of traveling with one form of identification before. The panic that I felt when I thought that I had lost that form of identification was indescribable. I never leave home without my passport and another form of identification.


  1. Lounge accessing cards

I enjoy visiting the American Express Centurion lounges when I travel, so I ensure that I bring along my American Express Platinum card. Getting a manicure or sipping on an espresso martini are always nice. After my lounge ordeal in Singapore, I will never leave my Priority Pass at home again.

SATS Singapore
  1. Backpack

My backpack serves one purpose. Storage. All of the items mentioned above (obviously not the carry on) fit nicely into its compartments. I also use it to store any gifts that I might purchase.

  1. No Plan.

Anyone who has ever travel will tell you that I like to be spontaneous on trips. Why? Because I feel pressured by timelines when I am supposed to be on vacation, I deal with that enough at my job. Let me live.

Final Word

This list will not fit into everyone’s travel style, but it works for me. The must haves are evolving and will be updated as needed. I hope that you were able to take something from this reading. Safe travels.


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