Was I the First Guy to Get a Manicure at the DFW AMEX Centurion Lounge?

A few days ago, I found myself headed to the airport for a last minute trip. I booked the ticket as I was driving to the airport. After booking, I realized that I would have two hours to waste before my flight. I decided that I could ‘waste’ the time at the American Express Centurion Lounge. If you recall, I have visited the lounge before. I was not able to experience the spa or showers.

I entered the lounge and was greeted by Donna, one of three women working the reception desks. After providing my American Express Platinum Card, photo identification, and boarding pass, I was granted entry. Before I left the counter, Donna asked if I wanted to try the spa. I said, ‘yes’, because I had some time. ┬áThe massage appointments were booked, but there were manicure appointments available. I gave Donna the ‘I really don’t want a manicure look’. She smiled, looked at my fingers, and said, ‘you could use a manicure’. I died laughing and signed up for the 4pm appointment.

I was handed an appointment paper and made my way to the bar for a drink. I have heard about the espresso martini from other people, so I decided to give it a try.


It. Was. Amazing. I also had one or two old fashioneds.


Before long, it was time to head to the spa.


The spa had a calming feeling, very different from the rest of the busy lounge. The space is small. It has a small bench, on the left, where customers can wait.


On the right is the manicure station.


On the back wall were two massage stations. The two massage therapists were very funny and talkative.


Fawn, the manicurist, called me to her station and began my manicure. We talked about the lounge, travel, and how I was the first guy to get a manicure at her station in four years (since the lounge opened). I was blown away by this. Out of all of the travelers that use this lounge, I was the first guy to get a manicure? I felt like I had won a prize. LOL. Anyway, before long, the manicure was done.


I thanked Fawn for the conversation and exited the lounge. I stopped by the reception desk to thank Donna and show her my much improved nails.

Final Word

The Centurion Lounge offers many things to keep you busy during your stay. The food and drink selection is always top notch, but the spa at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is my go to spot now. Thanks to Donna for the recommendation and to Fawn for taking care of me. If you are ever in the DFW Centurion Lounge, please visit the spa.

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