Send Help: Seated Next to a ‘Gas Passer’

I am sitting at Brewers to Beers (B2B Taproom in Albuquerque and having a chill night. The food has been great and the customer service has been over top.


Throughout the night, I have been hearing what sounded like farts but I thought it surely could not be, right?  I tried to give the lady seated next to me the benefit of the doubt…maybe she shifted her weight and the leather stuck to her butt or the stool is creaky (see what I did there?).

Nope.  She has been passing gas the entire two hours.  How did the two women at the table not hear it?  Nor smell it?  It is really gross and amusing at the same time.

Pro tip:  do not pass gas in public if the music is not loud enough to cover your loose flatulence.  smh.

What would you do if someone seated next to you passed gas every couple of minutes?  Have you been the gas passer?

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One thought on “Send Help: Seated Next to a ‘Gas Passer’

  1. Sometimes it can be convenient to just let er rip at the table, but if you know you’ve got some nasty ones brewing, please leave. Especially if you’re dining in close proximity to other people.

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