Review: 8th Street Coffee House Wichita Falls

For anyone that knows me, I am a HUGE coffee drinker. Today, I decided to pay a visit to a local coffee shop, 8th Street Coffee House. 8th Street Coffee House is located on, you guessed it, 8th St. in downtown Wichita Falls. The coffee house is located in a renovated antique store. It is a really nice spot. On some nights they have live music.


I arrived at the shop shortly before noon. The first thing that I noticed was the huge windows. While they are nice, it made it hard to take pictures due to the glare from the sun (you will see below). There is not a hostess stand, so you get in the queue to order.


It took me about 20 minutes to place an order. During this time, I checked out the in store Farmer’s Market.


In addition to the Farmer’s Market, here were other items for sale.


As I moved closer to the counter, I passed the gelato and pastry displays.




I finally arrived at the counter.


Only to discover menus were available. Without holding up the other customers, I ordered an iced coffee and a cinnamon roll. It took 15 minutes for the order to be delivered.


The coffee was delicious, but really strong.

The coffee shop has two seating areas. One in the main area that includes normal table seating and an area where you can read or play board games.


The condiment station and fountain drink machine is located in the main area.


There is a back seating area which was the original coffee shop.


The back area houses the kitchen. It closed at 2:30pm.


In between the two areas is a cozy seating area, complete with fireplace.


Final Word

8th Street Coffee House is a fantastic place to visit in downtown Wichita Falls. The only suggestion that I have is for some menus to be moved to the end of the ordering queue. I regret that it took me so long to visit, but I will be back again very soon. If you ever get to downtown Wichita Falls, do not miss the opportunity to visit this shop.

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