Review: B2B Taproom

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Review: B2B2 Taproom
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I wanted to visit a taproom (I heard that Albuquerque has over 60.), so I searched for something close to the hotel.  I settled on B2B2 Taproom. It was only minutes from the Marriott.



It is a cozy little spot, right next to the most eclectic liquor store, Total Wine & More, that I have ever seen.

Upon entering the restaurant, there was a man and a woman at the door.  The woman did not greet me, she merely handed me a sheet of paper and started talking to someone else.


I asked the guy what the paper meant. On this particular night, they were doing a fundraiser for a local school. A certain percentage of sales would go to the school.  That is really nice of B2B2 ownership.

I quickly grabbed a seat at the bar and was greeted by the waitress, Lexi, and bartender, Courtney.


I just wanted a beer…


…but after some time, Courtney insisted that I try the tacos.  I ordered the fried fish and the chicken mole’.


The tacos were incredible, especially the chicken mole’. My only regret was not ordering more.

Everything was going well, until a lady next to me began to pass gas.  It was not a one off, she continued to do it…for two hours.  She really ruined my experience.

Final Word

B2B2 is a chill spot and I would love to visit it again.  A big thanks to Lexi and Courtney for taking care of me and to the ownership, please keep giving back to the community. The next time that I visit I hope to not be put in another stinky situation.  LOL.

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