Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX Crashes

Boeing 737 MAX
Boeing 737 MAX. Courtesy of Australian Aviation

On Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashed on takeoff from Addis Ababa killing all 157 people. The passengers were of various nationalities and backgrounds, to include 21 United Nations’ staffers.

This is the second 737 MAX crash in less than six months. The aircraft was destined for Nairobi, but encountered issues shortly after takeoff.

China and Indonesia are among the countries who have grounded the 737 MAX aircraft until an investigation can occur. It is only right to be apprehensive of the Boeing aircraft at the moment. While the countries have taken the steps to ground the aircraft, the Federal Aviation Authority, has issued a memo stating that 737 MAX aircraft should not be grounded.

It has been reported that the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder have been recovered from the wreckage. This is good news. My hope is that this discovery provides answers to this horrific tragedy.


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