Review: Sheraton Suites – Dallas/Market Center

I had to be in Dallas a few weeks ago for an event, much like the previous weekend where I stayed at the Aloft Hotel in Arlington.  The Dallas Market Center is one of my favorite areas in Dallas.  It is home to the Hilton Anatole and Marriott Suites, hotels I have visited in the past.  I could pass up the opportunity to try another hotel in the area.  The Sheraton Suites was the hotel decided to visit.


I booked the hotel for 20,000 Bonvoy Points. If I chose to, I could have booked the room for $104 USD per night.


The hotel was only minutes from downtown. The entrance to the parking lot was directly across from the aforementioned Hilton Anatole hotel. Parking was supposedly $12/day according to the website. I wrote a post on my feelings about Premium Parking at Sheraton Suites.  It was a bit…different.


The front desk was to the left as I entered the hotel. Although it was the middle of the day, the lobby was kind of dark and gloomy.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Front Desk
Sheraton Suites Dallas
Lobby Seating
Sheraton Suites Dallas
More lobby seating

I was quickly helped by the nice lady working the front desk. She welcomed to the hotel as a first time guest.  I quizzed her about the Premium Parking the hotel was using.  Apparently, it was started the month prior which meant some things were still being worked out.

The agent thanked for being a “Marriott” Platinum member, I guess we are all getting used to the Marriot Bonvoy branding. I was then offered a welcome amenity of 500 points or two complimentary buffet breakfasts. The breakfast seemed like the logical choice. The agent also told me the lounge would be open from 1730 to 1930 for elite members. In addition to that, if my son did not like the buffet, we could go to the lounge to grab him something in the morning.

I was pointed to elevators, which were on the right, towards my room on the fourth floor. Side note: the elevators were unusable for most of the night because there were nearly 100 cheerleaders at the property because of a competition nearby.


I made a left, then another, and a final. The room was down on the right.

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The room contained two bedrooms, a king and queen. It was kind of weird to walk directly into the King bedroom from the hallway.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Dallas Double Bed Suite

The room included a very comfortable bed, small table with two chairs, wall mounted television, and counter along the near wall which housed the refrigerator.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites King Bed

Sheraton Suites Dallas

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Dining Table

Sheraton Suites Dallas

One of the entrances to the bathroom was at the end of the counter.  The bathroom was not spectacular, but was a decent size. The best thing about the bathroom was each room had a separate entrance. I wish the bathroom was separated like those in Aloft Hotels.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Bathroom

Sheraton Suites DallasE0E0A8BD-1F03-4767-B7F6-4F55DBC325AC

Just outside of the other bathroom door was the queen bedroom. It was a different layout than the king. In addition to the bed, there was an ottoman, a closet which contained iron and ironing board, and a wall mounted television.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Queen Bed
Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Queen Room


The room also had the only balcony access. The views of the highway and the parking lot was not appealing.

Sheraton Suites Dallas
Sheraton Suites Balcony View


There was one restaurant on the property: it tripled as the bar, breakfast buffet, and room service.

Sheraton Suites Dallas2C784866-60B4-44A3-87A8-8BEDABE175381E8FF4E3-CFD9-4BA7-8E57-25C36476DEE3

The bar was especially packed at night due to a nearby cheerleading competition. The wait for drinks was extremely long due to the parents turning into bar flies. It did not help that the hotel had only staffed it with one bartender.


Room Service Menu

The complimentary breakfast buffet was really nice. There was a ton of pastries/cereal, hot food line, and omelet station. The wait staff were some of the friendliest people I have ever met.


There was a gift shop next to the front desk. It contained snacks, toiletries, and souvenirs.


There was a lounge but I only found it as I was checking out of the hotel. It was located in the very back of the restaurant, on the left. I do not know if there was any food in there.



The fitness room and spa were located on the first floor.  The rooms were just after the front desk, on the left, down a long hallway.  I enjoyed the amount of equipment and the cleanliness in the room. I enjoyed a quiet workout after breakfast. The sign “30 min time limit” sign was not obeyed.  LOL


Final Word

I would not hesitate to stay at the Sheraton Suites in Dallas again.  The friendliness of the staff, clean gym, and great breakfast buffet were to be recognized. I would not want to stay on a weekend where there is a big event.

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