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Hey y’all.  I went radio silent on you a few months back due to being away for training for the Air Force.  The training took me to the lovely city of Montgomery, Alabama.  If you have never been that far south, you are definitely missing out.  Montgomery happens to be a 12.5 hour car ride, one way, from my home base in North Texas.  The round trip took me nearly 26 hours to complete.  NEVER. AGAIN.

Out and About in Costa Rica
Golfing at Los Suenos Marriott Resort

Now that the training is complete, I can resume flooding your timelines and emails with blog posts. Please do not say I did not forewarn you, LOL.  If you do not remember where I left off, I will give you a brief recap.  I began to write teaser posts from my trip to Japan and Thailand.  Here are a few:

Nozomi Shinkansen in 5 Pictures

Singapore Airlines 777-300 Business Class in 5 Pictures

Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class in 5 Pictures

JAL 787-800 Economy Class in 5 Pictures

JAL 787-900 Premium Economy Class in 5 Pictures

These posts followed the “Short Trip to Central America” trip report.

Give me a few days to get back into the groove of things and you should see more posts.  If not, you are allowed to curse my name, but only if you do it on Phillips Loop Facebook Page.  Thank you for the continued support during my posting lull.  I promise I will make it up to you.

– Rob

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