Introduction: Short Trip to Central America

Introduction: Short Trip to Central America
Review: Hilton Anatole – Dallas
Review: Air France Lounge – Houston Intercontinental Airport
Review: Executive Club – Houston Intercontinental Airport
Review: Air China (777-300) Business Class – Houston to Panama
Review: The Westin – Panama
Review: Nacion Sushi
Review: Le Meridien – Panama
Review: Avianca (A320) Business Class – Panama to Bogota
Review: Avianca VIP Lounge – Bogota
Review: LATAM VIP Lounge – Bogota
Review: Copa Club – Bogota
Review: El Dorado Lounge – Bogota
Review: Avianca (A319) Business Class – Bogota to San Salvador
Review: Intercontinental Hotel – San Salvador/Metrocenter Mall
Review: Avianca (A320) Business Class – San Salvador to Dallas

What’s up ya’ll? Welcome to my next trip report.  This trip to Panama, Colombia, and El Salvador was last minute due to plans for Hawaii falling through.  Of the three countries, Panama was the only one that I visited before.  The last trip was in Air China’s 777-300 First Class on the outbound and then a missed Avianca Airlines flight on the return.

To start the trip, I stayed at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.  The entire experience was amazing, especially the customer service. My son enjoyed the water park at the hotel three times in three weeks.

Hilton AnatoleHilton Anatole

My flight to Houston was operated by a United Airlines ERJ-175.  I have reviewed it before so I will not be doing so again. After arriving in Houston, I was able to check out the Air France/KLM Lounge.  It was the only Priority Pass Lounge at Houston that I had not visited.


I also visited The Executive Club as a result of my Air China Business Class ticket.  I did not have access to the lounge on the last trip. Maybe it is something that changed recently.

Executive Club - HoustonExecutive Club - Houston

The inbound flight to Houston was delayed by more than an hour, but the wait was worth it. Business Class on my first trip was nearly empty and this flight was the same.  I was able to relax, mostly, and enjoy the flight.

Air China 777-300
Air China 777-300

Air China 777-300 Business Class

I booked two hotels in Panama City.  The first was The Westin.  It was a decent property situated in the heart of the city.

The Westin PanamaThe Westin Panama

The next hotel was the Le Meridien, which happened to be only five miles from The Westin.

Le Meridien PanamaLe Meridien Panama

I visited a chain sushi spot while in Panama…sue me.  Nacion Sushi was phenomenal, especially the spicy edamame.

Nation Sushi - Panama

Nation Sushi - Panama

I finally got to experience Avianca Airlines on this trip.  I took an Avianca A320 to Bogota.  I realized why the airline regularly has cheap business class flights.

Avianca Airlines A320 Business Class Panama to Bogota
Avianca Airlines A320
Avianca Airlines A320 Business Class Panama to Bogota
Avianca Airlines Regional Business Class

The biggest undertaking of the trip was the layover in Bogota, Colombia.  I scheduled the layover to visit all of the Priority Pass lounges at the airport.  I started by visiting Avianca Airlines’ Lounge. I could not stop sweating in the lounge.

Avianca Airlines Lounge BogotaAvianca Airlines Lounge Bogota

I followed that lounge with a visit to the LATAM Lounge.  It was a nice, modern lounge.

LATAM Lounge BogotaLATAM Lounge Bogota

The next lounge I visited was the Copa Club.  There was only one other guy in the lounge.  It was definitely relaxing.

Copa Club - BogotaCopa Club - Bogota

The final lounge I visited was the first lounge at the airport, The El Dorado Lounge.  The lounge was huge…so huge that I almost missed my flight trying to walk the entire thing.


I took another Avianca Airlines’ regional jet to El Salvador.  This was merely a continuation of the previous flight.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El SalvadorAvianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

The hotel I decided to book in San Salvador was the Intercontinental Hotel Metrocenter Mall. It was safe and in walking distance from many places.

Intercontinental Hotel - El SalvadorIntercontinental Hotel - El Salvador

To bring it home, I took yet another Avianca Airlines regional jet from El Salvador to Dallas.

Avianca Airlines A320 El Salvador to DallasAvianca Airlines A320 El Salvador to Dallas

Final Word

This trip was tiring, but amazing.  I enjoyed visiting Panama again, especially in Air China’s business class.  The highlight for me was visiting all of the lounges at Bogota’s Airport.  I did not know that the airport was so humid.  Lastly, people give El Salvador a hard time because of the crime, but I did not encounter any issues.  Thank you for following along, this trip was epic.

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