Review: Avianca Airlines (A319) Business Class – Bogota to San Salvador

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Departure: 1645
Arrival: 1840
Flight Time: 2hrs 55min
Seat: 1K
May 30, 2019

I hustled from the El Dorado Lounge because my flight was boarding. The lounge excursions should have been planned a bit better because I was at the furthest lounge from my gate.

The trip to gate 24 was about 11 minutes and that is because I ran. I did not want to miss this flight. The gates, 24 through 26, share the same entrance. When I arrived, I was happy to see a long line. My boarding pass and passport was checked within a minute of arrival.

I made my way down the jet bridge and tried to snap a decent picture of the A319, but I encountered obstructed views.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El SalvadorAvianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

The seat, as well as everything else (airplane wise), as the A320. The was a torn blanket bag at my seat. I could not help bu think someone left it from the previous flight. Nope. The guy sitting next to me took the pillow out and tossed the blanket in my seat. When I asked him about, he apologized and said he forget he put it there. LOL. He must have had a lot going on in his mind during the 15 minutes when he boarded.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
This guy

Once cleared, my seat looked normal.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Avianca Headphones
Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Avianca A319 IFE

I made my way to lavatory while boarding was still underway. The main reason was to use the facilities but it was cool to see the sink door was closed properly.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Avianca A319 Lavatory

Boarding was complete 11 minutes before the scheduled 1645 departure. The purser then began the welcome announcement. She thanked us for flying with them and introduced the pilot Juan. Lastly, she announced the flight time of three hours to El Salvador.

The same safety video was played. The thing that stood out was that a departure drink was not offered. We did,  however, push back on time.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Avianca A330 in Star Alliance Livery

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

We had a 15 minute taxi runway 31. The takeoff roll was bumpy and long.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Lining up for departure at Bogota
Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Views Leaving Bogota

The pilot came on the 17 minutes after takeoff intercom to provide his welcome announcement, but he did more than that, he told us we would be stopping in San Jose, Costa Rica. How?! Why?!

A few minutes after this, landing cards for El Salvador were distributed.


Service began 25 minutes after takeoff with the food and beverage cart being rolled out.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Same Small Drink Car

The options were chicken or beef. I went with the beef, which ended up being meatballs served with rice, garden salad, and flan. The drink was finally offered after the entree. I went with a Chardonnay.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador
Meatball and rice entree

The meal itself looked underwhelming. I started with the rice, which was ok. I tried the meatballs next, boy was I wrong about them. The sauce and texture of the beef was amazing. I finished the entree before trying the salad. Speaking of the salad, it was bad, very bad. I could not stomach the wilted lettuce and dry tomatoes.

The flan on the other hand, was delicious. The pieces of coffee on top sent it up and away, seriously. I could not imagine that the meal would be this good.

A few minutes after passengers finished their meals, the flight attendant came by to offer coffee or tea. I went Bailey’s and coffee while checking out the map.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

I grabbed a nap until I heard the landing announcement. I quickly completed the landing card given to me earlier in the flight and closed my eyes again.

Avianca A319 Bogota to El Salvador

We had a hard touchdown almost one hour after our scheduled arrival. I could not get pictures landing due to humidity. We had not taxied to the gate but people ran to the business class cabin because they thought they were going to miss the connecting flight. The flight attendant allowed them to stand in the aisles.

Final Word

The flight was a continuation of the one from Panama.  There was nothing that really stood out, except the beef entree, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Another thing that surprised me was the immigration tax at El Salvador.


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