Review: IASS Executive Lounge – Narita International Airport

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After a short stay at the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel, it was time to make my way into Terminal 2 to check in for my flight to Dallas. The original flight was canceled due to my missed flight from Bangkok to Tokyo. I was able to book a one way flight from Narita to DFW while in the capsule hotel for a bit more than $1000 USD. Because I booked a one way international flight, I was pulled to the side for a Secondary Security Screening Selection later in the morning.

I checked in, which was also an ordeal, and quickly made my way towards the IASS Executive Lounge. The IASS Executive Lounge was one of two Priority Pass lounges in Narita’s Terminal 2. The other lounge, which I will review next, is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the unique things about the lounges is that they are landslide, as opposed to airside like most other lounges. One of the most infamous landslide lounges I visited was the Tocumen Royal Saloon Lounge.

The lounge was on the Fourth Floor, or 4F, along with a host of shops and restaurants.


I turned left at the top of the escalator and the lounge was at the far end of hall. A terminal directory was directly across from the escalator. There were no other signs until I was outside of the lounge.


The front desk was on the right after entering the sliding doors. I provided my boarding pass and Priority Pass card to one, of the two staffers, working the desk. They quickly welcomed me to the lounge and offered me a complimentary drink. The choices were water, juice, soda or beer. I asked for a beer and was told to find a seat and the drink would be brought to me.

The lounge was one, small open room. It was very crowded and I did not want to stay inside for too long. There were some magazines on the end of the rows of seats. I did not bother grabbing a magazine for two reasons: 1) I cannot read Kanji, and 2) I wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Did I already say that? The best thing about the lounge was the power plugs at every seat. Did I really just type that?!

The beer was delivered to my seat within minutes. I quickly drank it and left the lounge.

Final Word

This lounge was…meh. There was nothing offered except a crowded room and a beer. I would much rather buy beer at a convenience store in the airport and sit outside on the observation deck. I would only visit this lounge if I were really desperate.

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