Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know the blog went silent for the better part of the year. To the point that I almost did not renew the subscription with WordPress. After some deliberation, I knew I wanted to eventually return to chronicling my travels. 

One day this past summer, I was scrolling the FlightRadar24 app while my six year old son played Roblox. I found myself looking at different international flights from Dallas. One, EK222, caught my attention. EK222 is a nonstop flight between Dallas and Dubai. The flight is operated by one of Emirates 777s. 

Unbeknownst to me, my son was watching searching flights and wanted to know where EK222 was going. I told him Dubai then the questions flowed. Where’s Dubai? What’s Dubai? What’s there? etc. I told him Dubai is home to the largest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, islands shaped like a world map, an aquarium, camels, and more. Before I could finish, he asked when were we going? 

I replied, “soon”, and this had led to the following itinerary. I booked two roundtrip, nonstop economy seats between Dallas and Dubai for $5000 USD. The price is about $1500 more than I wanted to pay but it was less of a hassle and it is during peak season. The cool thing about this is I assigned to “twin seats” near the back of the economy cabin. This allows us to move freely to the lavatories and hopefully less noise than the rest of the cabin. 

Since it will be my son’s first time in Dubai, I figured the Dubai Marriott Harbor Hotel and Suites would be amazing. The king suite ran me $231 USD/night. I think this is fairly decent price to pay for a suite in Dubai. 

Final Word

While our excursions have not been finalized, I look forward to spending time with my son in Dubai. I always say “it’s about the journey, not the destination”. This time it might be both. 

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