Review: United Airlines (757-300) First Class Boston to Chicago

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Flight number: UA 775

Aircraft Type: 757-300

Duration:  1hr 45min

Seat: 1B

United Arlines 757-300

I figured that I could leave the hotel at 8am and make it to the airport with plenty of time to spare for my flight.  Well, I looked out of my window to see gridlock on Interstate 93.  I began to slightly panic so I rushed out of the hotel without grabbing breakfast.  Things only got worse when I got into the car.  It took me 75 minutes to get to the rental car drop off center.

My flight was scheduled to board at 0930 for a 1005 departure, so I had 15 minutes to drop off the car, catch the bus to the terminal, check luggage, and pass through security.  I began to search for other options to get back to Dallas.

I made it to the check-in counter at 0935 and expected the agent to tell me that I could not check bags because it was 30 minutes prior to departure.  To my surprise, The desk agent seemed that it was not a big deal and wished me a good flight.  Surprised, I rushed to security.  Thanks to TSA Precheck, I was through security in 7 minutes!  I ran to my gate and the final group was boarding.  Whew!

I rushed aboard, entering through the second door on the left side of the aircraft.  I made a left into the first class cabin and settled into seat 1B.

United Arlines 757-300
First Class Seat

One of the flight attendants asked me if I wanted a drink, he must have seen the relief on my face, gin and tonic por favor!

United Arlines 757-300

United Arlines 757-300

Inflight Entertainment

We pushed back from the gate a few minutes early.  It was during this time that I purchased the inflight wifi.  The purchase processed normally, so I thought.  I used the wifi for 15 minutes before it became unusable.

United Arlines 757-300

I contacted United for a refund, which was quickly processed.

United’s 757s are severely outdated.  The airplane that I was flying did not have personal screens to view movies, and since the wifi was not working, I was left to talk to the guy seated next to me (he was a decent enough).


Millie, the other flight attendant, came by to take my breakfast order.  The options were a vegetable calzone or salmon protein bowl.  I chose the latter.

United Arlines 757-300
United Airlines 757-300 breakfast

The protein bowl consisted of salmon, brie, hard boiled egg and almonds, it was accompanied by yogurt and fruit.  The portions were small, not that I expect to get full on a flight, but this was bad.  In addition to that, the salmon had a weird vinegary smell to it.  I could not eat it.

Before long, we were in Chicago. The following flight to Dallas was basic, so I will cover the menu since I have not posted it before.

UA 1226 Chicago to Dallas

Airbus A319

The flight was uneventful.  I really like the peephole that is between Economy Plus and First Class.

United Arlines A319

The legroom in this seat was amazing.

United Arlines A319

The menu, same as all United regional flights is below.

United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319

United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319United Arlines A319IMG_1898United Arlines A319

Final Word

The flight was decent, I got to fly on a 757 for the first time and the flight attendants were awesome.  The wifi and the food left something to be desired.  Overall, I had a great trip to New England, I cannot wait to go back again.

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