Review: American Airlines (MD-80) First Class Dallas to Memphis

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Last week I decided that I would be going to Mississippi for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I had a few options:  1) drive 24 hours roundtrip or 2) fly to my hometown or another closer airport.  Driving quickly fell off the option list so I started searching airline tickets.  A flight in economy between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Golden Triangle Regional on Delta was ~$2,000.  Nope.  I found a first class flight between DFW and Memphis on American Airlines for ~$525.  This was my best option, even with the rental car, my out of pocket was significantly less than the first option.


I arrived to the gate at 1150, 10 minutes after boarding started, and group 8 was boarding.  There was quite the queue to enter the airplane.


I was welcomed onboard by two flight attendants.  One of the two, Abby, would be taking care of my section for the short flight. I settled into my seat, 5E.  Note: the first row was actually row 3.




Waiting at the seat was a blanket.


There was a lot of table space.


There were no predeparture drinks offered, much like my flight from Los Angeles to Dallas. Boarding finished at 1203. Our pushback began at 1207, three minutes early. We were informed of our flight time of 63 minutes. After a quick taxi, we took off at 1216.


Nine minutes after takeoff, Abby began taking drink orders. Some customers were addressed by name (I assume because of elite status).  I ordered a Jack and Diet Coke.


Customers in row 4 were served drinks first, then row 5, 6, and lastly, row 3.

There were also snacks provided.


There was no seat back entertainment, however, you could watch movies and tv shows through the American Airlines’ app.


Wifi was available for $19.95, no thank you.

Before long, we began our descent into Memphis.


We landed on time and had a short taxi to the gate.


Final Word

This flight served its purpose of saving me driving time.  Abby was wonderful throughout the flight.  Even though the aircraft is old, I found it to be very comfortable.

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