United Airlines Flight Attendant Doesn’t Know Photo Policy

Greetings from Nashville!  I am currently finishing a mini trip, which I will post about in the coming days. I just wanted to take some time to talk about the United Airlines’ flight attendant that I encountered on my flight from Dallas.

I boarded my flight from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to Washington-Dulles like any other United Airlines flight. As I walked on the aircraft, a flight attendant stated, ‘oh, I see you have your camera, I wanted one for Christmas’. I responded, ‘oh really? I bought this one for myself because I wanted it’.

Before I settled into seat 1E, I snapped a picture and the same flight attendant stated, ‘Sir, that is not allowed. You cannot take a picture of the aircraft’. I responded, ‘really? What is the reason that I cannot take a picture of the seat and surrounding area?’ She replied, ‘you just cannot’ and suggested that I could snap pictures of her or my feet. Well, ok then.  The issue that I had with this was that it was done loudly in front of other passengers.

She also suggested that I check the policy in the Hemispheres magazine. Um ok…



A quick search on United’s website provided the following:


Not only was she wrong about me taking pictures in the cabin, but she also asked me to take a picture of her, which is prohibited. Come to find out, she was not the flight attendant working the First Class cabin, she was just ‘greeting’ passengers.

I understand that people make mistakes but to be so adamant and so wrong makes me wonder if she needs more training. In the meantime, I am going to check out Biscuit Love.


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