Unpleasant United Airlines Flight Attendant

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I just got off of United 6019 from Dallas to Houston.  It was the rudest short flight in the history of short flights. As we were boarding, the flight attendant informed us of the 35 minute flight time. I have flown this route many times so I knew what to expect. 

What I did not expect was the rude customer service from the flight attendant working first class.  He looked disinterested from the time that he gave the safety demo through the rest of the flight. 

Here are some examples:

Prior to takeoff, he took drink orders and asked passengers in first class if they would like a cheese tray. Six people requested the plate. After takeoff, he stated that since we were under 30 minutes, he stated that we would not be receiving cheese plates since we were less than 30 minutes out. He stated that he would not pass them out because “we would not finish the plates before landing”. What???

He brought my Jack and diet (which I appreciated) a few minutes after takeoff. I asked for a second one prior to landing and replied with a stern “no”. To that point, he did not let me finish the first one. 

He then went to the economy cabin to talk to the other flight attendant. Seriously? Please do you job man. 

Final Word

The flight was a short one but the flight attendant working the first class cabin was one of the rudest people that I have encountered in the air.  This guy is supposed to be customer service oriented but on this day he was not. Good luck to the passengers that have to deal with this guy for the rest of the day. 

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