Nasty AF: Overweight Passenger Makes EVA Air Flight Attendant Wipe His Butt

EVA Air 777-300
EVA Air 777-300. Courtesy of EVA Air.

On a recent EVA Air flight from Los Angeles to Taipei, an overweight passenger sexually harassed and humiliated flight attendants. The man, brought onto the plane in a wheelchair due to his nearly 440-pound stature, demanded that flight attendants help him to the lavatory. Insisting on using the business class lavatory, as the one in economy was too small.

After settling into the toilet, the man called the flight attendants and demanded they help remove his underwear. During this exchange, his genitals were exposed. The flight attendants refused, but the man would not take “no” for an answer. A flight attendant tried to cover his genitals with a blanket, but the passenger slapped her hand away. The flight attendants ultimately helped with the underwear. It is worth noting that EVA Air does not employ male flight attendants.

After relieving himself, the man called the flight attendants again. What happened next was gross as hell. The man requested that the flight attendants wipe his butt. The crewmembers tried to stand their ground, but the passenger stated that he would sit in the lavatory for the duration of the flight, if he was not helped. The purser reluctantly wiped the man’s butt. During the episode, he kept saying, “deeper, deeper, deeper”. What in the f@ck was this guy’s deal?

EVA Air has not been supportive of the flight attendants, going so far as saying that the man has not had an incident on most of his flights. The flight attendants union has taken this up on behalf of the workers. The union has requested 1) the man be blacklisted or at least have someone accompany him, 2) EVA Air notify flight attendants of travelers with disabilities (limitations), and 3) protect flight attendants from unreasonable requests. The entire post is on the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union Facebook Page.

Final Word

This is utterly insane. The behavior displayed by the passenger was reprehensible. EVA Air should ban him without hesitation. There is no need for anyone to experience such nasty behavior. This was indeed a $hitty situation, I feel terrible for the flight attendants.

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