Awkward: American Airlines Flight Attendants Argue Inflight

American Airlines A321

I had a perfect flight attendant experience on my flight from Wichita Falls to Dallas so I expected a great day of service in American Airlines. Well, that was short lived when the following occurred during AA2430 from Dallas to Tampa. 

The service began 35 minutes after departure. Two flight attendants began serving at the front of the economy section, while another began from the rear of the cabin. It took about 20 minutes before the attendants arrived at my seat. I requested the Skyline Sparkler and Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich was not available due to the short duration of the flight. I was not proactively offered any other snack option. I asked and received the Dasani but not the vodka because the following situation occurred. 

One of the flights attendants came from the front cart to request more pretzels from the cart near my seat. The female working the cart told him that pretzels were limited and cookies should be the go to option (due to being double catered). This meant the next flight would not be stocked. He responded that he needed pretzels. She asked if he could wait so she could finish the service, to which he responded by requesting the entire bag of pretzels. She again asked him to wait, but he kept insisting she drop everything and fetch the pretzels (this is where I wanted to scream at him for talking to a coworker and a woman like this). The clearly agitated female flight attendant smiled and kept fulfilling drinks. It was at this point that I reminded her of my drink. She apologized and provided it free of charge. The male flight attendant stood there and stared at her, this made her forget more drink orders. Finally, the female flight attendant relented and retrieved the pretzels from the galley. What an awkward experience. The service ended at this point. 

Shortly after this, I went to the rear galley to speak with the female flight attendant. I wanted to make sure everything was ok and assure her that she was not in the wrong. She informed me that the situation began before they left Philadelphia yesterday, I could not believe it. As someone who works in the public arena, I know that it is imperative to maintain a professional image at all times. The make flight attendant must have missed the memo. 

Hey American Airlines, maybe some remedial training is needed for the male flight attendant on this sector.

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