Awesome American Airlines Flight Attendant

American Airlines ERJ-140
American Airlines ERJ-140 Courtesy of Airlines Fleet

I just arrived in Dallas off of American Airlines flight 3612 from Wichita Falls Abe wanted to share my experience. The flight time is only 28 minutes so there is not much time for the flight attendant to work. 

This flight had an attendant who was willing and able to put in work. Y Cien was cordial and smiling throughout the entire flight. Due to the duration of the flight, a water and Biscoff service were offered. Y Cien did something out of the ordinary, he stated that he would take other drink requests, but could not make any promises. 

I tested this and ordered a vodka orange. Not only did he deliver it, he was never rude or condescending. I know, it should be the norm, but it is not. 

Thank you to Y Cien for the wonderful experience. I had a great flight with you today. Keep up the good work. 


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One thought on “Awesome American Airlines Flight Attendant

  1. Small, generous acts make all the difference buddy. We fly Singapore Airlines next week but I covered a pre-flight customer service 5 star experience with them on my blog recently. Similar deal; a small act made a big difference.

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