Woooo! Phillips Loop Blog Turns 2!

Oh.  Em.  Gee.  I cannot believe that the blog has turn two years old.  I knew the time was quickly approaching and was planning on writing a post documenting the milestone. Some of my friends mentioned the pending anniversary (thanks fellas).

The two year anniversary did not really hit me until WordPress sent me the following congratulatory message:

WordPress Congratulations to Phillips Loop on Turning Two
WordPress Congratulations to Phillips Loop on Turning Two

I wrote a post last year documenting the first year of the blog so it was only appropriate to keep it going.  This started as a way for me to talk about my travel, without boring my friends with face to face ramblings.  I figured if people wanted to know about my travel, they were welcomed to come to the blog and read all about it.  Then, only then, would I be willing to talk about my trips face to face. That is not weird, right?

Air China 777-300 Business Class
Champagne on Air China 777

Thank you to everyone who continues to come here and read my posts.  Speaking of posts, the blog recently went over 500 posts!  There are currently 548 (549 with this one) posts. I read somewhere a long time ago that if a blogger makes it to 500 posts, they are in it for the long haul…well, count me in.  I still cannot believe people want to hear my opinion of a hotel, airline, or restaurant. Seriously, thanks.

As I have done with other milestone posts, I will list the 12 most viewed posts from the previous year:

  1. Review: United Airlines (777-200) Business Class Newark to Beijing (2018)
  2. Review: United Airlines (A320) First Class Dallas to Washington (2018)
  3. How to Combine Multiple United Airlines Travel Certificates? (2019)
  4. Review: United Airlines (777-300) Business Class Beijing to San Francisco (2018)
  5. Review: United Airlines (757-200) First Class San Francisco to Newark (2018)
  6. How to Request Delta Airlines Mileage Credit? (2019)
  7. Review: United Airlines Premier Platinum Welcome Kit (2018)
  8. Review: Air China (777-300) First Class – Houston to Panama (2018)
  9. What is Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System? (2018)
  10. Review: Singapore Airlines (777-300) Business Class Beijing to Singapore (2018)
  11. Bon Voy(age): Marriott Announces New Rewards Program (2019)
  12. Review: Landry’s Seafood – Houston Intercontinental Airport (2018)

Four of the posts on the list came off of my crazy trip to Asia in March 2018.  It was a trip for the ages, but I had no clue it would be so popular. One thing I noticed is that the hotel reviews I accomplished have not made either year’s list.  I will keep doing them with the hope that people will find them interesting, if not, they will be here.

I have a trip to Hawaii and a potential trip to Australia on the horizon.  The blog has continued to push me further than I could have imagined. The craziest part is that Phillips Loop Blog Facebook Page recently went over 10,000 likes.  WHAT?! I never would have thought that to be possible.  Thanks again.

Phillips Loop Facebook Page

Final Word

Thank you, thank you, thank for following the blog.  As I said earlier, it amazes me that people visit the site to see what I have to say about a topic.  Meanwhile, I still feel like I am alone, talking to myself in a room.  The plan is to keep the blog going for as long as I am able to travel.  I feel travel opens my eyes to things I otherwise would not have seen.  Thanks again for following along, safe travels.

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