How to Combine Multiple United Airlines Travel Certificates?

United Club - Newark - Terminal C
United 777-300

I am beyond excited to plan my first trip of the year. The intent of the trip is to review all Priority Pass Lounges at Los Angeles International and Houston Intercontinental Airports during 30 plus hours of traveling. I will be traveling with my blogging essentials…camera, laptop, and backpack. The plan was unfolding perfectly until I tried to redeem two United Airlines travel certificates. If you remember, I received one certificate in Dallas for a missed flight and the other for a missed flight to Costa Rica.

Earlier today, I researched the specific flights that worked. After finding the flights, I ensured the value of the two certificates exceeded the ticket. I proceeded to checkout on United’s website. This was when I realized that only one travel certificate allowed. Panic consumed me for about five minutes. After calming down, I decided to call the United Premier Line to speak with a representative.

The first thing that I said to the representative, after confirming my identity, was “can I combine two travel certificates for a reservation?” She responded, “of course”. Whewwwww. We then went through the booking process. The representative asked for my origin and destination. Once provided, she started rattling off potential flights. At that point, I politely interrupted to ask if I could provide the specific flights that worked for me, which she welcomed.

The itinerary that I preferred was the same price that I viewed online. She then asked for the two travel certificates’ Personal Identification Numbers. Once provided, the representative placed me on a brief hold because the use of multiple certificates required supervisor approval. She returned to line after a minute to inform me of the confirmed booking. Lastly, I was informed to check my email for a new travel certificate for the remaining value. The entire call took 12 minutes.

Final Word

I was initially worried that I would not be able to combine the two travel certificates into one reservation. After speaking with the helpful agent for just a few minutes, all of my worries faded. I cannot wait to take my first trip of the year.

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