Miami International Airport Will Close a Terminal Early Due to TSA Manning

Just a few days ago, I wrote a post about how the partial United States government shutdown was affecting the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The government shutdown has now entered its 21st day and the impact is reaching a fever pitch in the TSA. The TSA has announced that it will be temporarily closing security checkpoints in a terminal at Miami International Airport early for three days.


The closure of the checkpoints will occur after 1pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The airport stated that the closure was a direct result of TSA screeners calling out of work. Because of the closure, the airport moved 12 flights from Terminal G to one of the adjoining concourses.

Final Word

While Miami International has six terminals, the closing of the security checkpoints of Terminal G is a big deal. If more workers call out of work, it could force the airport to close an entire terminal. This is not an issue isolated to Miami. In the coming days, other airports across the country will have to make similar decisions. I hope the government reopens soon because the closure is directly affecting national security and the livelihood of its employees.

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