How to Request Delta Airlines Mileage Credit?

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On a recent trip to Florida, I had the opportunity to try quite a few airlines and lounges (trip report will begin soon), which i enjoyed. My time in the sunshine state was relatively drama free (inflight was a different story). Mileage credit from the American Airlines’ posted with 48 hours, but Delta’s was a different story.

Delta Airlines states the following on its mileage credit page:

Most flights will be posted to your account within 24 hours of the flight. However, some partner airline flights may take up to 7 days to post. If your flights are not credited to your account after 7 days, use this form to request your mileage credit.

Nine days had passed and I had not received the mileage credit. I have made plenty of refund requests on United Airlines (click here and here), but this would my first attempt at some form of credit on Delta (I probably should have after the Nashville flight). I logged into my Delta SkyMiles account and began the minute long trek to find the request mileage page. It was relatively simple, Home > My Delta > My SkyMiles > Request Mileage Credit. A screen grab of the page is below.

Delta Mileage Credit

My SkyMiles number was populated (removed for the sake of the picture), while the ticket number was blank. I saved all of my boarding passes to Apple Wallet, so I quickly retrieved the Delta boarding pass. By clicking on the bubbles in the lower right, the entire itinerary was visible, including the ticket number.

Delta Airlines Boarding PassDelta Airlines Boarding Pass

Once I entered the ticket number, I was taken to the following screen. When I initially landed on this page, there was a submit button on the lower right side that I needed to click. Once I clicked it, all of the fields were zeroed out. You will have to use your imagination as I only thought to take a picture after the flight was credited (my bad).

Delta Mileage Credit

After submitting, I received the following email confirmation from Delta.

Dear Roberto Short,

We are reviewing your request for mileage credit. All requests are subject to verification and approval by Delta, which is often completed within a few weeks. In certain instances when awaiting credit from partner airlines, reviews may take longer.

The request was submitted and processed within 24 hours, talk about fast.  I rarely fly Delta, but I constantly hear about their great customer service. This experience may lead to me flying with the airline more often.

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