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American Red Cross
American Red Cross

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world.  The virus started in China and is currently spreading throughout the United States of America.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected worldwide.  The numbers of those affected in America are growing at a rapid rate.  I will not post the number of positive cases or deaths because the mainstream media does it more than enough times throughout the day.  Speaking of the news, the updates have me feeling worried and a bit helpless.  I am worried about the medical professionals, first responders, fellow military members, and, as I mentioned, the families experiencing this virus firsthand.

There is some positive news coming from this pandemic.  Companies that do not usually make facemasks, ventilators, or other personal protective equipment have stepped up to produce these items to assist with flattening the virus’ curve.  Additionally, most Americans are adhering to social distancing, shelter in place orders, and mandatory quarantine orders…I will say it again, MOST.

American Airlines, a company that is taking a big hit due to reduced traveling, has continued their partnership with the American Red Cross in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

American Airlines sent the following email:

Monetary donations are the best way to assist those in need at this time, which will help provide support for blood drives and critical relief services through trained Red Cross personnel who are on the ground, assisting with the outbreak.

From now through April 30, AAdvantage® members can earn 10 miles for every dollar donated to the Red Cross with a minimum $25 donation.

We thank you for your support.


To date, there has been nearly $1.9 million USD raised from almost 14,000 donors.


American Red Cross
American Red Cross COVID-19 Donations


The donations start at $10 USD and can be any other amount you so choose.  The donation can be made by PayPal or any major credit card.


American Red Cross
American Red Cross Payment Options


Final Word

We are in unprecedented times.  I hope that we are able to follow guidance say forth by federal, state and local officials.  This is another one of the many ways we can help out during this crisis.  Stay safe, but most importantly…stay home, if you can.

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