FINALLY: SilkAir is Singapore Airlines

Regional airlines are the backbone of the airline industry. Airlines such as Mesa, SkyWest, and Envoy, are essential to mainline air operations in the United States. ANA Wings, JetStar, and SilkAir are some of the regional airlines that I am quite familiar on the other side of the world.

SilkAir has been Singapore Airlines‘ subsidiary for over 30 years. The airline has ferried passengers to more than 40 destinations throughout Asia. I was fortunate enough to experience SilkAir in business class to Kuala Lumpur and in economy class on the return to Singapore.

While the flights were relatively short in duration, I felt the flight attendants were some of the friendliest I had ever met. The entire feel of the service was Singapore Airlines, but the airplane livery was not.

All of this is about change. On January 28, 2020, SilkAir began its integration into Singapore Airlines. The merger of the two airlines was announced more than three years ago.

There will be two notable changes:

1. Aircraft updates. SilkAir’s aircraft will join the Singapore Airlines fleet with a freshly painted livery, newly upholstered seats and will be served by Singapore Airlines cabin crew.

2. Updated food/beverage selections. Meals will be created by Singapore Airlines team of chefs and served on a rotating basis. Book the Cook service will be available on selected flights when traveling in business class. 

Final Word
This is all so exciting for me. I am looking forward to the rollout of Singapore Airlines’ signature service throughout the regional network. The option to reserve Book the Cook on flights of more than 3.5 hours is huge. I cannot wait to travel with Singapore Airlines once this is all over.

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