Delta Airlines Customer Service

Delta Airlines A220-100
Delta Airlines A220-100. Courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines is one that I have not given a fair shake over the years.  I focused on United Airlines (due to acquiring status) and when it was convenient, American Airlines (due to the government contract).  There has slowly been an increase in my Delta flights. Whether or not it has been subconscious, remains to be seen, but I am enjoying my most recent flights with the airline.

This post will cover my thoughts on my experience during my Basic Economy trip to Hawaii:

1) Basic Economy Seat Selection.  I booked the four segment itinerary through Expedia in combination with a rental car and hotel.  The seats could be selected starting at 24 hours prior to departure.  I was skeptical that we would have the worst ones on the aircraft, but I was pleasantly surprised how everything turned out.

I was able to get three aisle seats and one window seat.  My mom on the other hand, had a couple of middle seats and a couple of aisles.  On the flight from Detroit to Dallas, she was upgraded to Comfort Plus.

2) Bag Drop. I was able to use the Delta Airlines Military Benefits to check two bags during the outbound and inbound segments.  If the trip were not for pleasure (i.e., on orders), I would have been able to check up to five bags.

3) Bag Pickup. If you have ever been to Hawaii, you know that the walk from the airplane to baggage claim is a hike.  The bags were waiting on us when we arrived.  I thought it was because we had a 15 minute walk to the baggage claim.  The fast bagge delivery was confirmed when I arrived Detroit.  The time airplane to baggage claim under five minutes…and guess what, the bags were there already.

4) Complimentary Food and Drinks. During the LA to Honolulu segment we received complimentary Mai Tais from the flight attendants after I told them it was my mom’s first time going to the state. 30 minutes before we landed, they gave us a 750ml bottle of Bacardi.

The experience was even better on the flight from Honolulu to Detroit.  In addition to the complimentary alcohol, we received turkey sandwiches and a breakfast tray.  In between the two services, we had a snack service.

Delta Airlines 767
Delta Airlines 767. Courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Final Word

The overall experience with Delta was beyond anything that I could have imagined. I had heard Basic Economy horror stories so I mentally prepared for it.  There was only one instance where I was not happy with a Delta staffer, but I will chalk that up to being tired  from traveling from Hawaii.  Thanks for the hospitality Delta, I look forward to flying with you all again.


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  1. The trip was AWESOME from beginning to end. Thanks for an AMAZING Adventure ❤❤

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