Review: Mudhen, The Do Over

I have reviewed Mudhen in the past (click here if you missed it) and could not pass up the opportunity to try the brunch again.  I arrived at the restaurant around noon and the place was packed.


I requested seating for two and was told that it would be a few minutes.  As more guests walked in, I overheard the hostess telling them that it would be 45 minutes.  I asked if it applied to me as well.  She stated that I should be seated sooner than that but she would take my name and put it on the list…below the other guests that arrived after me.

I went to the bar to grab a drink while I waited.  This was easier said than done.  As I arrived at the bar counter, the person seated next to me sent her food back because it was undercooked.  The same manager that comped my entree during my last visit, comped her food.  After 10 minutes of sitting at the bar, my order was taken.  I asked for a sangria and was told that they were out.  A few minutes prior to that, I saw the bartender put the sangria container on a counter out of sight.  WTH???  I went with the mimosa and it was served six minutes later.  I cannot believe that it took almost 20 minutes for one drink.

After chatting with a family from Florida for an hour, I was finally given a table in the sunroom.  The menu was the same, only the special had changed.  I ordered deviled eggs, shrimp with cauliflower grits, and the grilled cheese sandwich.  The grilled cheese was humongous.


Final Word

Again, the food was delicious.  From a customer service perspective, the staff could have been better.  The host not giving me a proper wait time and the bartender taking a long time to serve me definitely rubbed me the wrong way.  Two visits and I have witnessed food come from the kitchen cold and undercooked.  I hope the manager had a good talk with the chef.

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