ANA Flight 175 Redirected to LAX due to Unauthorized Passenger Onboard

(this post has been updated to reflect the new departure of NH175)

A little while ago All Nippon Airways flight 175 (NH175), Los Angeles to Tokyo, was redirected back to Los Angeles due to an ‘unauthorized individual’ being aboard the aircraft. 😮


The plane was airborne more than eight hours, only to essentially go nowhere. Upon landing, the plane taxied to a remote stand, away from the main terminal areas, so that LAX Police Department could interview passengers.

This story is still developing, but if you want to be given play by play, you are in luck because Chrissy Teigen was onboard. Check out some of  her Twitter posts:


It appears to be a mistake, whose mistake is yet to be determined, but at least everyone is safe and will get to fly again tomorrow.

[update] The flight departed LAX 30 minutes ago.


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