Booked: First Domestic and International Trips for 2018

As I enter 2018, I figured that it was the best time to plan my upcoming travel. I am usually a spur of the moment traveler so this was hard for me. The first trip that I am taking will be sort of a mini vacation. I will fly United Airlines’ regional product, which I have covered in the past (here, here, here), and Delta Airlines’ regional product, which I have yet to review for the blog. This short trip will take me to Boston, Massachusetts and Nashville, Tennessee.

In the coming months, I will travel in British Airways’ long haul, Lufthansa’s regional, and American Airlines’ long haul products. This trip will take me to Venice, Frankfurt, and London. While I have visited Germany and the United Kingdom before, I am excited to explore more on this trip.


At the conclusion of the two trips, I will travel more than 14,000 miles! If the start of my year is any indication, I will be traveling a lot and that is perfectly fine for me. Happy New Year everyone and please follow me on my adventures.

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