How to Book First Class Award Redemption on Singapore Airlines When One Segment Does Not Offer It

Yesterday, I posted about the insane trip that I will be going on to Asia. In that post, I detailed that I wanted to fly Singapore Airlines’ business class and suites class on their Airbus 380. Good news! My points transferred from American Express Membership Rewards to my Krisflyer account in less than 24 hours. I immediately booked the business class leg from Beijing to Singapore.

The issue arose when I tried to book first/suites class from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. I got the following error message.


In simple terms, because first does not exist between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, I could not book the flight through the Krisflyer app. I went ahead and booked the suites class from Singapore to Beijing (because I wanted to fly in the suite!). I then called Singapore Airlines’ toll free number in the United States, 1-800-742-3333.

After about 15 minutes of holding, I was able to speak with an agent. I informed him of my situation. He stated that it should not be an issue to add the segment in business class from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Great news! After some back and forth, I found a flight that suited my needs and paid $9 to process the change. Wow!

Singapore A380 First Class Suite
Singapore A380 First Class Suite, courtesy of Global Traveler

If you all cannot tell, I am more than excited for this trip. I will get to try so many different airlines and eat so much food (I like to eat). Thanks to the Singapore phone agent for the help. I am now confirmed ‘roundtrip’ from Dallas. This will be a ‘suite’ vacation.

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