My Asia Trip Plans Are Coming Together

At the beginning of the year, I had high hopes for upcoming travel to Europe. When I had to cancel the trip, I was a bit bummed, but only for a short time. While browsing other blogs, as I sometimes do, I saw a business class fare that seemed too good to be true. I ended up booking an outstanding business class round trip from Boston to Beijing. In the days after booking the trip, I encountered two issues: 1) how to get from Dallas to Boston 2) China’s stringent visa policy.

For the first issue, I was able to book a roundtrip between Dallas and Boston for $400. I could have paid extra for more room, but I felt like it was not needed on this short domestic hop. Another reason that it did not pay extra is because American Airlines charges for the ‘good seats’. I understand making extra money, but it is ridiculous. My bad, where was I? Oh yeah, I will fly economy in American’s A321. The seats are fairly small, but I can manage.

American Airlines' A321 Economy
American Airlines’ A321 Economy, courtesy of One Mile at a Time

From there, I will get to fly United Airline’s old 777 business class.

United Airlines 777-200 Business Class

Once in Beijing, I will not stay long due to the aforementioned visa policy. I decided to splurge a bit…by a bit, I mean a lot. I am about to book one way Beijing and Kuala Lumpur in Singapore Airlines’ old business class and one way in its old suites class! I transferred 85,000 American Express Membership Rewards points to Singapore Krisflyer. The points usually clear within three days, there is wide open availability so booking should not be an issue.

Singapore A380 Business Class
Singapore A380 Business Class, courtesy of The Points Guy
Singapore A380 First Class Suite
Singapore A380 First Class Suite, courtesy of Global Traveler

For the return, I fly back to the states in United’s new 777 business class.

United Airlines 777-300 Business Class
Courtesy of One Mile at a Time

Then hop a 757-200 transcontinental flight in business class.

757-200 Business Class
Courtesy of

The trip will end with a thud as I will fly American Airlines’ economy from Boston.

Final Word

I am super excited about my upcoming trip. The combination of points and discount tickets really took this trip to the next level. I have never taken so many flights in such a short span, but I am look forward to it. The trip will cover almost 25,000 miles! Have a look at the great circle map below…crazy.

GCMap of Asia trip
GCMap of Asia trip

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