Well Done: My Best Flight Attendant Experience

I have been flying a long time, but I think that I may have had the best United Airlines’ flight attendant crew aboard United Airlines 89 from Newark to Beijing. Frank set the tone with his bubbly personality and attention to detail.

United Airlines 777-200
United Airlines 777-200 Overhead Bin Opened During Flight

While Vanessa had a lot of southern charm to her. She made sure that all passengers were taken care of. She even got me a pork noodle dish that we thought had run out.

United Airlines 777-200
United Airlines 777-200 Pork Noodles

Lastly, you have Valerie. She was remarkable. While the other crew members slept, she manned the rear business class galley. The snack tray, cleanliness of the lavatories, and dealing with an annoying guy talking her ear off, was all Valerie.

United Airlines 777-200
United Airlines 777-200 Snack Cart

United Airlines 777-200

United, I do not know how you choose your crews, but these three fine people need to work together more often. I cannot say enough good things about them. Well done.


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