Pho Café Wichita Falls Rebranded as I Love Pho

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Have you ever had a craving for a specific type of food or restaurant only to have your dreams dashed because you were not able to eat it? I am sure the answer is yes. This exact thing happened to me last week when I craved pho from one of my favorite restaurants in Wichita Falls, Pho Cafe. I reviewed Pho Cafe almost a year ago and really enjoyed the visit. There were quite a few more trips during the year. As I approached the restaurant, I saw the following signage.  🤯

I Love Pho Wichita Falls

My heart was broken. What happened to Pho Cafe? The waitress would only say that the restaurant underwent a management change and was now rebranded as I Love Pho. I took the opportunity to try out the new place. The first thing that I noticed was the lighting. Pho Café was always really dim, but the new place was bright.


I noticed a few items on the menu had changed. The first was that the banh mi did not transfer to the new restaurant. I was bummed to see that because the sandwiches were amazing. The next thing that I noticed were the increased prices and two sizes of pho (Pho Café only had one size). The regular bowl, much like the one served in Pho Cafe, had increased in price by a dollar. The larger bowl was $3 more.

I decided to try a regular bowl of the three meat combo. The meats were chicken, beef, and tripe. The broth had a decent flavor but I could not get past all of the black pepper that was sprinkled on top of the dish. I had never seen pho garnished like that.

I Love Pho Wichita Falls

Final Word

I am still shocked to know that Pho Cafe went out of business, it was the perfect little place. The new restaurant might grow on me, but it will definitely take some time. The one thing that I am most grateful for in this entire situation is that the city did not lose a pho restaurant, even if it was at the expense of my favorite one.


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