Buffalo Wild Wings Plans to Donate 100 Chairs to Sheppard Air Force Base

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As a rule of thumb, I do not do reviews of chain restaurants. Why? Because you can go on Yelp, Foursquare, or similar applications to get tons of reviews for those places. I do, however, write a post if the customer service is above the norm, nonexistent, or if the staff does something that I feel is gross. That is the stance I choose to take when it comes to chain restaurants.

As a “regular” customer at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wichita Falls, I have come to know almost everyone in the restaurant. The main reason that I enjoy the restaurant is because I know what I will get every time I step inside…tons of TVs, great service, and my favorite thing to do there, Golden Tee Golf. A few days ago, after a round of golf at Weeks Golf Course, I stopped by Buffalo Wild Wings to grab a bite to eat before I went home. It began as all of the other prior visits. The waitress arrived at the table and I placed my order without looking at the menu (17 years of eating at Buffalo Wild Wings will do that).

A few minutes later, the General Manager, Lance came over the table. I thought it would be our typical casual conversation, but it turned out to be so much more. He asked if I would be able to do him a favor. Not knowing what to expect, I responded, “of course”. He told me that Buffalo Wild Wings is moving from the Sikes Senter Mall in a few months and the store is looking to donate almost 100 high top chairs to Sheppard Air Force Base. He had two questions for me: 1) would the base have a use for the chairs? and 2) could I get him in contact with the person responsible for such things? The answer to both of those questions was YES. I asked him for his business card and thanked him for the gesture.

Buffalo Wild Wings
High Top Chairs

The next day, I contacted director of the Sheppard Air Force Base clubs and asked if he would be interested in the chairs. He stated that he could definitely use them, so I passed Lance’s information along to him. I do not know if the base and Buffalo Wild Wings finalized the plan for the chairs, since the store is not scheduled to move for a few more months. I do appreciate the fact that Lance thought of the base as a possible home for the chairs. Thank you Lance and your entire staff at Buffalo Wild Wings, your hospitality and generosity are greatly appreciated.

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