Leaked: Apple Spends $150 Million Annually on United Airlines

It is no secret that companies spend a lot on employee travel. The budgets and exact spend are kept internal for various reasons. The main reason, in my opinion, is so the competition does not try lower prices to win corporate contracts. A few days ago, I came across leaked United Airlines banners with detailed corporate spending listed. 

The photo has been removed from Twitter, but not before I saved it. 😬

United Airlines Corporate Banners
Confidential United Airlines Corporate Banners

I find this information very interesting. The first thing that stands out is the amount of annual spending that Apple has budgeted for flights on United Airlines. The San Francisco to Shanghai route, the #1 market for Apple travelers, accounts for 25 percent of the total budget.  Apple purchases 50 business class seats daily on the route. 

United Airlines 787-900
United Airlines 787-900

I knew that Apple was global, but the list of the company’s top 10 destinations is fascinating.

1. Shanghai
2. Hong Kong
3. Taipei
4. London
5. Seoul
6. Singapore
7. Munich
8. Tokyo
9. Beijing
10. Tel Aviv

The other thing that I find interesting how United separated the other companies.  One group is over $10 million, but not quite in the $12 to $17 million range, while a few are over $34 million. I am positive that United has some intelligent people in the company who could have come up with a standard money increment (i.e. up to $15 million, $15 to $30 million, and over $30 million).  Maybe I am just being picky.

Final Word

The release of this confidential information by an employee surely violates company policy.  In the age of social media, there are not too many things that are sacred, even if told not to share. This could hurt United in the future when it comes time for contract renewal talks. I am fascinated by the information as it shows what companies are willing to pay for employee travel.

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One thought on “Leaked: Apple Spends $150 Million Annually on United Airlines

  1. These numbers are so impressive Rob, when you begin pondering 100 millie on a single airline. Amazing. Such is the power of providing massive service generously for a long time, and scaling. Immense wealth flows in, eventually.

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