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I am nearly two years from my last trip off of the mainland United States. The trip, one I still have not done any reviews for, was to Hawaii with my mom. To say that I have been going stir crazy after recent personal events, would be an understatement. I decided to take a trip Costa Rica with a few of my friends to clear my mind and hopefully relax a bit. Two of us have been to Costa Rica multiple times, while the other two will be going for the first time.

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First things first. Costa Rica does not have a COVID vaccine policy for tourists from North America. We need to accomplish two things: 1) complete a health questionnaire within three days of arrival and, 2) purchase international travel insurance. If U.S. citizens want to return without issue, a negative test is needed. If a person tests positive, the international travel insurance needs to cover the duration of the quarantine. Lastly, I am vaccinated so that so reduce my risk of contracting COVID.

I booked my portion of the trip for 45,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles + $86 and $300 USD for my share of the AirBnB. The trip is in American’s regional business class products: Bombardier CRJ700, Boeing 737-800, and an Airbus A321. I do not know the exact seats but I am excited fly exclusively in business class during the trip.

The only business class flights I have taken on American Airlines were on a 777-200 from LAX to Dallas on my birthday and a MD-80 from Dallas to Memphis. both of these flights offered a unique experience. I really hate the “Mad Dog” is retired.

Final Word

I am relieved to be able to get away from all of the drama that has consumed me over the past year. While it is not ideal traveling during the pandemic, being vaccinated and acquiring the travel insurance should allow for a smooth-ish trip.

Do you all have any trips planned???

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