I just received a pleasant surprise in my inbox. A friend sent me a deal, which is supposed to last only 24 hours. The deal has roundtrips between Los Angeles/San Francisco and Sydney, Australia for ~$1000 USD and multi-city trips from the same cities to Sydney and Nadi, Fiji for ~$1100 USD.

Sydney Opera House

The dates where we are seeing this cheap fare are from April to June and August to December. I searched the trip on Google Flights and booked directly with Fiji Airways.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour

The last time I visited Australia was in November 2016 so I was overdue for a trip down under. Fiji has always been on the travel list, so I get to check it off. Lastly, I will get to review Fiji Airways A350 and 737 Max 8. I am super excited for this trip, too bad it is later in the year.

During the meantime, in between time, I will have to visit other places to fill the calendar.

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