Introduction: First Trip to Dubai with My Son!

Hi, welcome to my next trip report. This is the first trip report I have done in quite some time. Excuse me while I dust off my keyboard. The trip to Dubai, with my son Nicholas, came about as I was scanning flights on FlightRadar24. He began to ask questions about Dubai and a trip was booked soon thereafter. As with all of the introduction posts, this one will give a brief overview of the trip while more details will be shared in the individual posts.

Nicholas and I began our trip with a short two-hour drive to Dallas.  We arrived with more than enough time to spare before boarding our flight to Dubai. The extra time can also be attributed to free parking at the airport for military veteranswith a proper license plate.  

The flight from Dallas to Dubai was operated by a long-range Boeing 777-200. I booked the roundtrip in Economy Class. For the outbound segment, I chose the honeymoon (twin seats) near the back of the aircraft.  The seats were not bad, the hospitality of the flight attendants was the exceptional part of the journey.


I booked one night at the Sheraton Hotel at the Mall of Emirates to 1) review multiple properties and 2) ski at the indoor slopes. Sadly, the skiing did not happen. The hotel allowed easy access to the mall. I received a suite upgrade at check-in, which was not bad at all.


The next day we moved to the Marriott Hotel in Al Jaddaf. This was about 15 minutes away from the Mall of Emirates by Uber but closer to the airport. Another suite upgrade at check-in was received. This suite was much nicer than the one at the Sheraton.


We went on a few excursions while in Dubai. Those included the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Burj Khalifa 124, and Dubai Speedboat Tour. Our favorite of the trio was the speedboat tour with the Burj Khalifa coming in a close second. The zooquarium left a lot to be desired.

Aquarium and Zoo

Burj Khalifa 124

Dubai Speedboat Tour

Prior to catching our flight back to Dallas, we stopped at the Marhaba Lounge to relax and grab some snacks. The lounge was crowded but served its purpose.

Lastly, our return home was aboard another long-range Boeing 777-200. The difference on this segment was we would be traveling in business class for the 16-hour journey. I do not know who was more excited, me or Nicholas. There were not many cons to this flight.

Final Word

It felt great to travel internationally with my son again. This is a trip I hope Nicholas never forgets…I know I will not. As I stated earlier, this is just the introduction to the trip report. Please check back in the coming days more detailed reviews.

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