Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Economy Class “Twin Seats” in 5 Pictures

It has been a long time since I typed a “5 pictures” post. These posts routinely precede full trip reports. This 5 pictures post documents the start of an awesome weeklong trip to Dubai with my six year old son. The full trip report will be published in the coming weeks.

Our flight to Dubai was operated by an Emirates Airlines 777-200LR. This segment was my first time flying aboard Emirates Airlines. After hearing so many great things, I was excited about the journey. I wanted to book the trip entirely in business class but it would have come with a ~16K USD price tag. I decided to book the trip in economy and take a chance on an upgrade to business on the return segment. The economy cabins were laid out in a cramped 3-4-3 configuration. There is
no way I wanted any parts of either section. There was, however, a sweet spot in the rear economy cabin. The last three rows on left and five rows on the right contain only two seats. These seats are commonly referred to as the “twin seats”.

Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Twin Seats

The flight attendants distributed amenity kits soon after takeoff. This was something I had not experienced in an economy cabin. The kit included a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks and an eye mask. The amenity kit was made from
reusable/washable kraft paper.

Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Economy Amenity Kit

While children do receive amenity kits, the flight attendant proactively brought my son an Emirates duffel bag. It was a cool bag, I almost asked for one.

Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Children’s Duffel Bag

The first meal service was the exact same tray except children received fish sticks and M &Ms. I was given option of chicken or vegetable entrée…I went with the chicken. The chicken came with penne pasta. It looked reasonable, and I was excited to try it. My son had other plans as he proceeded to eat all the noodles on my dish.

Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Economy Kids Meal
Emirates Airlines 777-200LR Economy Adult Meal

There was a bit more to this 14-hour flight than these 5 Pictures. I cannot wait to share the entire trip report with you all in the coming weeks. Thanks again for supporting the blog.

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