My Asia Trip by the Numbers

Now that I am back from my short trip to Asia, I have had some time to reflect on how epic the trip was (mostly because of jet lag). During the reminiscing, I began to think of all the miles traveled, meals (airplane, hotel, etc), Uber rides and a host of other things. This short post will look at my trip from a purely statistical standpoint. Here it goes:

Miles flown: 25,000+

Flights: 11
– Economy: 4
– Business: 6
– First: 1

Airplane meals: 8

Lounge meals (airport/hotel): 4

Hotel nights: 3

Uber rides: 9

Airline Ticket Costs:
– Approx. $2800
– 85,000 American Express Membership Rewards Points

Hotel costs:
– $185
– 40,000 Marriott Rewards Points

Redeemable Airline Miles earned
– 12,500 American Express Membership Rewards Points
– 20,300 United Airlines
– 1,635 American Airlines

Redeemable Hotel Points earned
– 4,800 Marriott Rewards Points

This was by far my most demanding trip ever, but i can honestly say that I would not change a thing. I am currently in the process of editing pictures for the trip report, please continue to check back for it…you will not want miss it. Thanks again for following along during this journey on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. For me, it is not about the destination, I live for the journey.

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