Hmm: Fairfield Inn and Suites San Antonio International Airport Slides Menus Under Guests Doors

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Good evening. I just returned to Wichita Falls after a quick overnight stay in San Antonio. I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites at San Antonio International Airport and Northstar Mall. The hotel did not leave a lasting impression. I will have my complete thoughts in a full review later. 

I wanted to talk about something that seemed very odd to me. As I was preparing to go out to dinner, I heard some people talking in the hallway (which is totally normal for a hotel). The thing that occurred was not normal. A menu from a local pizza restaurant was slid under the door. 

Pizza menu

I do not mind that the hotel offers menus for guests. The issue that I have is that it was slid under my (and seemingly, everyone else’s) door. Why not inform guests when they check in or inquire about meal options instead of the staff going to every room on the property? I immediately threw my menu in the trash because I was not interested. 

I feel that the practice of sliding menus under doors is 1) a waste of menus and 2) a waste of staff members’ time. 

Am I completely off base here? 

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