Review: United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Houston to Oklahoma City

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UA 6259
Landing: 1615
Flight time: 1hr 35min
Seat: 4A

(This review will be brief because I reviewed this short flight on the outbound leg of the trip. I also reviewed the ERJ-175 from OKC to Denver.)

We left the American Express Centurion Lounge approximately 15 minutes prior to boarding. When we arrived at the gate, most of the flight had boarded. We were quickly onboard. We were immediately asked if we wanted drinks, I went with a Jack and Diet Coke.

Boarding ended at 1430, 10 minutes prior to our departure time. I was excited because everything was going smoothly. That is until the cabin door remained open and the flight attendants began talking with the ground staff. It was at this point that I knew that we were delayed but the crew did not make an announcement. I asked for a drink while we waited. The flight attendant said, “sure”, and walked away. I waited and waited for the drink. I edited some pictures to kill some time. The next words that I heard from the flight attendant was when she came by the seat to say, “unplug that for takeoff”.  This was more than 30 minutes after my request.

United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Houston to Oklahoma City
Bored, but at least I have my sombrero.

The safety demonstration was performed at 1510, more than 30 minutes after takeoff. It was after the safety demo that we were informed that the delay was due to taking more fuel because of weather. We waited for a few more minutes because the jet bridge was malfunctioning. No announcements were made nor did the flight attendants come by to explain the situation. 

We finally left the gate more than 45 minutes behind schedule. The flight was uneventful and we touched down in OKC without incident.

United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Houston to Oklahoma City
United Airlines (ERJ-175) Arriving in OKC

Final Word

I do not mind being delayed, but I would appreciate it if the crew would explain the situation to the passengers. Most flight attendants are really good at keeping passengers in the loop. Others, like the flight attendants on this flight, wanted to do the least amount of work as possible. All in all, I had a great time during our trip to Costa Rica, it is just unfortunate that it began and ended with delays. Thanks for reading and follow along for the next trip report.

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