Southwest Airlines Delivers Forgotten Bridesmaid Dress to Costa Rica

Southwest Airlines 737-800
Southwest Airlines 737-800 Courtesy of the flight info

Southwest Airlines has been in the news for the past few weeks due to ongoing maintenance issues throughout their fleet.  This has led to numerous flight delays and even more cancellations.  The maintenance issues resulted in a public relations nightmare.  While the issues with returning the fleet to full strength are being worked, Southwest received attention for doing something well.

In a post that has gone viral, Taylor Kenney reached out to Southwest Airlines on Twitter for help getting a wedding dress to Costa Rica from Houston.  Apparently, Taylor’s friend headed to Costa Rica for a wedding on Saturday, but left her dress behind.  To make matters worse, the friend was scheduled to be a bridesmaid!

Luckily, Southwest Airlines Customer Service Department was willing and able to accommodate the request.  The dress was delivered to Houston – Hobby Airport by another friend of the bridesmaid this morning.  It was then placed on a flight to Costa Rica.  Southwest had a bit of fun with it and linked to a “special dress tracker.

The dress made it to Costa just over two hours ago. This left plenty of time to spare before the wedding festivities tomorrow.

Final Word

Huge compliments to Southwest Airlines for getting the dress to Costa Rica in time for the wedding.  Pro tip: If you are in a wedding, the dress is not something you want to forget.

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