How Did I Receive Free WiFi on American Airlines?

American Airlines 737-800 Economy

I am currently on American Airlines 2297 from Philadelphia to Dallas. It is a 737-800 equipped with Gogo WiFi. During the flight, I decided to catch up on some blog work through the Notes app. During this time, I received a text. I thought it was a fluke, but responded. The message was delivered so I tested it with a few other friends. I was now engaged in multiple conversations inflight.

I thought that I accidentally purchased WiFi but that is virtually impossible because I do not have a Gogo subscription nor did I input my card information.

American Airlines 737-800 WiFi

Being intrigued about the prospect of complimentary WiFi, I decided to load pictures to the blog for my latest review, Sebastian’s Schnitzel Haus. The pictures uploaded without issue.

American Airlines 737-800 WiFi

To further test this, I decided to track my flight using the FightRadar24 app. To my surprise, it was working as well. 🤯

American Airlines 737-800 WiFi

I do not know why I had free WiFi on this flight, but it is greatly appreciated. I was able to get a bunch of work done while enjoying the WiFi and the complimentary Apple Music subscription. Thanks American Airlines.

Have you ever received complimentary WiFi on an airline?

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