Swanky: United Airlines Announces New Livery

Yesterday, United Airlines unveiled a new livery. I think the new livery is beautiful. Here is the first pic:

United released a video detailing the new livery a day prior to the official announcement due to the of the new design.

In addition to the video welcoming the new livery, United released a statement titled “Out with the Gold, in with the Blue”. Below are excerpts:

The new design features core colors from United’s updated brand palette, which was introduced last year as a step toward updating the brand’s visual identity. Blue continues to be the airline’s primary color, with various tones creating more depth and reflecting the colors customers and employees see when they look out the plane window at the sky. The airline’s new color palette also includes shades of purple, which is most recognizable as the color of the new United Premium Plus seats are being added to the fleet. When combined, the purple and blue tones create a soothing environment and a more relaxed travel experience. In updating its colors, United is reducing the use of gold, which was added to the brand palette almost 30 years ago. United’s new color palette can also be seen in the accent colors of the new uniforms that are being created for more than 70,000 front-line employees.

On average, United aircraft receive new paint jobs every seven years. The first aircraft painted with the new design is a Boeing 737-800 (registration code N37267), which will be joined by a mix of narrowbody, widebody and regional aircraft with the updated livery throughout the year.

The newly branded aircraft was treated to a water cannon salute prior to the livery celebration. A celebration I was not invited to, maybe next time United? LOL. 

Final Word
As I stated earlier, the new livery is beautiful. Especially, the larger globe on the tail and different hues of blue. I have long been a fan of the swooping design on the 787s, so it great to know it will now be on all aircraft. This a huge step for United Airlines.

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