Review: United Airlines (737-800) Economy Plus – Dallas to Chicago

Flight number: UA 729

Aircraft Type: 737-800

Duration:  2hrs32min

Seat: 20D

I was originally scheduled to land in Boston at 4:28pm, but decided to take advantage of United Airlines’ free same day change, as a Premier Gold Member, so that I could arrive a few hours earlier.  Not only would I be arriving earlier, but I would have a better chance to upgrade on this flight than the original routing through Newark.  The roundtrip ticket cost me $245 for economy, but I wanted to fly the 757 in First Class, so I upgraded that leg of the trip for $129.


I arrived at the check-in counter, 47 minutes prior to departure.  I had two bags to check so I hustled through the menus at the kiosk.  When it came time to check bags, it was less than 45 minutes before departure.  The kiosk would not let me check bags because it was less than 45 minutes prior to departure.  I motioned for a supervisor’s assistance and she manually checked the bags for me.

I was through security in seven minutes thanks to my TSA PreCheck.  I have TSA PreCheck by being active duty military, however, I could have it through my American Express Platinum Card and Citi Prestige card.


Sadly, I missed out on being upgraded by one.

Bridesmaid, never the bride

Boarding began at 0635.  I boarded with Group 2 due to my Premier Gold Status and my way to seat 20D (exit row).


I chose this seat because I had the potential to have the entire row to myself and the leg room.


Boarding finished at 0655, and we pushed back at 0701, four minutes early.


The aircraft was equipped with DirecTV, which was free while we were at the gate.


After takeoff, it is available for purchase.  There was also wifi aboard, which was available for purchase as well.  The flight pass was available for $8.99.  I purchased the wifi so that I could get some work done.  The seat also had power ports between the seats.  They were sketchy though, my MacBook started to do strange things once I plugged it in the port.


Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendants began service.  Complimentary drinks (juice, coffee, and soda) and Stroopwafels were offered. Alcoholic beverages and snack boxes were available for purchase.  I ordered a Gin and Tonic, which paired well with the Stroopwafel.


The flight was uneventful until a passenger seated three rows up became ill.  One of the flight attendants rushed to his side with multiple ‘barf bags’.  The stench in the cabin was unbearable.  He must have filled three of those bags.  We landed at 0917, 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

UA 532: Chicago to Boston

The flight was on the same type of aircraft, with the same service.  The only issue was a 20 minute delay due to high winds in area because of high winds from the remnants of Hurricane Jose.  United needed the gate for an inbound aircraft so we pushed back and sat on the taxiway until we were cleared for takeoff.

Final Word

The flight was everything that I expected.  The highlight was having the entire Exit Row to myself.  I was impressed with how the flight attendants handled the sick passenger.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.  


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