Dilemma: Which Seat Should I Book on my Upcoming Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Flight?

I have written about my upcoming flights extensively over the past week. Click here, here, and here to catch up. Now that my flights are confirmed, I am having a personal conflict about which seat to select.

Currently, I am occupying seat 1F. This is the first suite on the right side of Singapore Airlines’ A380.

Singapore Airlines A380 Seat Map
Singapore Airlines A380 Seat Map
Singapore A380 First Class Suite
Singapore A380 First Class Suite, courtesy of Global Traveler

There are a total of 12 suites available. At the moment, only three are occupied. 8 of the suites are for individuals, while the center suites are usually for people traveling together (unwritten rule).


I am thinking about changing my seat to one of the available center suites with the hope that I get both suites to myself for the 6 hour flight to Beijing. Then again, I do not want to ruin the experience for a couple that may end up on my flight.

I know that this is a good problem to have, but I do not want to be selfish. Then again, when will I have the opportunity to fly Singapore Suites again?

Am I thinking too much about this? What would you do?


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