Happy Thanksgiving: Why is Phillips Loop Thankful?

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United Airlines 777-200
Had to FaceTime my son before I left

I start every day off with a short phrase or “spiritual reminder” that helps me focus on the tasks that I need to accomplish. That reminder is, “every day that I wake up is a good day”.   It is very short and to the point.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to improve myself, provide for my family, and serve in the greatest military in the world. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some travel related items that I was thankful for over the past year.

  1. My readers. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to come read this blog. As I stated some time ago, sometimes I feel like I am talking in an empty room, but it will quickly filling up. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  2. Epic trip to Asia. In March, I had the opportunity to take a trip that I never thought was possible.  I traveled to Boston, Beijing, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.  While there were some issues along the way (which trip doesn’t have issues), I enjoyed every bit of the trip.  As someone who enjoys the journey more than the destination, getting to fly on American Airlines, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and SilkAir, put this trip over the top.
Singapore Airlines A380-800
Singapore Airlines A380-800 Suites Class
Singapore Airlines A380-800
Singapore Airlines A380-800 Suites Class Boston Lobster Thermidor
Singapore Airlines Private Room
Singapore Airlines Private Room Dom Perignon Champagne
  1. Trip to Boston and Nashville. This trip occurred at the start of the year.  I fell in love with Boston when I lived in New Hampshire so it was only right to visit the city to prepare myself for the new year.  In the final planning stages, I realized that I did not want to come directly back to Texas so I included a stopover in Nashville.  Hot chicken anyone?

Renaissance Boston WaterfrontHattie B's

  1. Opportunity to fly Air China. If all of the other trips were amazing, this was a bucket list item for me.  Air China started flying between Houston and Panama on a Fifth Freedom route in the spring.  I immediately started searching for tickets.  When I eventually found dates that worked, I jumped at the opportunity. Air China’s First Class did not disappoint.
Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 First Class Suite
Air China 777-300 First Class
Air China 777-300 First Class Cocktail

Air China 777-300 First Class

  1. Experiences.  I really enjoy the experience while traveling.  On a recent trip with my friends, we missed three flights enroute to Costa Rica, but we took it in stride. The experiences also help me craft lists such as travel must haves, travel should nots, ways to avoid getting sick while traveling, and ways to protect your money while traveling. Without living these experiences on my trips, I would not have a clue how to write about them.
United Airlines (ERJ-175) First Class Houston to Oklahoma City
Bored, but at least I have my sombrero.

Final Word

This has been a wonderful year of travel for me, I can only hope to be so lucky next year.  I bid you a farewell so that I can stuff my face, watch the Cowboys win, and spend time with my family.  Happy Thanksgiving from me and the Phillips Loop team. Cheers!

Out and About in Costa Rica
Moonshine in the mountains of Costa Rica


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