Introduction: Pandemic Trip to Costa Rica

Introduction: Pandemic Trip to Costa Rica
Review: American Airlines CRJ-700 (First Class) – Oklahoma City to Dallas
Review: American Airlines 737-800 (First Class) – Dallas to San Jose, Costa Rica
Review: Marriott Costa Rica – Double Bed Suite
Review: VIP Lounge/Copa Club – Juan Santamaria International Airport
Review: American Airlines 737-800 (First Class) – San Jose, Costa Rica to Dallas
Review: American Airlines A321 (First Class) – Dallas to Oklahoma City

Whew. I looked forward to leaving the United States after being “country-ridden” for the past few years due to the pandemic. Costa Rica is a country I have visited on quite a few occasions (click here). This trip, while not ideal, served as a bit of a reprieve from being laid up, nursing my injuries.

I currently live in west Texas but made the trek to Oklahoma City to catch the first segment. The flight was in regional First Class, as were the rest of the segments. I have flown American Airlines’ First Class a few times before (Dallas to Memphis, Memphis to Dallas) so this was something that piqued my interest.

The flight from Oklahoma City on the CRJ-700 was not memorable. It was an early morning departure so the cabin lighting remained dimmed and most of the passengers tried to catch some sleep. I selected seat 1A which was a single seat on the left side of the plane, at the bulkhead.

The 737-800 to San Jose had the most uncomfortable seats. While the seat had a sleek designed and appeared to be newer, it was not pleasant for the three hour flight. To make matters worse, the food options (apple crumble and turkey sandwich) were not appealing.

We spent most of our trip in an AirBnb. On the return home, we had one night in San Jose and decided to visit the Costa Rica Marriott. I was able to book a double bed suite at the property for $600/night. There is not enough accolades to give the hotel, I really enjoying staying at the property.

The VIP Lounge/Copa Club is a decent place to relax away from the noisy terminal. The lounge offered some complimentary snacks while drinks could be had for a fee. One can beer cost $USD.

The 737-800 to Dallas included the same uncomfortable seat as the plane down. As if the seat was not enough, the flight attendant had one of the worst attitudes. Her crankiness was one hell of a way to cap off the trip to Costa Rica. Did I mention the sandwich was bad as well?

The A321 to Oklahoma City was exactly what I needed…comfort. Not only were the flight attendants really nice, the seats were super comfortable. I would rather have had the A321 on the flights to/from Costa Rica.

Final Word

It was great to get back on the road, especially after everything that has happened to me over the past year. Costa Ricans exude the Pura Vida mantra. I needed to break from reality. Remember, this is merely the introduction. The individual reviews will be posted in the coming days. Thanks for following along on my journey.

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